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Keep your skin

healthy from the

inside and out

"Be sure to drink enough water, get enough sleep, eat a

healthy diet, avoid smoking, keep skin moisturized,

and use skin block all year long."

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Lavender Fields

Oil Benefits

Lavender oil: Is an herb native to the Mediterranean region and floral and purple flowers, also one of the most widely grown essential oil crop, oil promotes relaxation and believed to treat anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, soothes eczema and dry skin, nausea, and menstrual cramps, fight acne, also be used as steam for aromatherapy.

Frankincense: Know as olibanum, come from a tree of Boswellia genus and a pale yellow. Smell
earthy, woody, balsamic, piney, and soft sweet & citrusy. Variety of notable uses and benefits,
rejuvenate the skin, Mild camphor, and citrus, focusing, centering, relaxing, healing soothes and
nourishes skin, acne, wounds, moisturizer, good in candles.

Tea tree: Varies in quality, oil is 100% percent natural, known as Melaleuca alternifolia, made from leaves of Australian tree, Spicy, warm, potent, cleansing, renewing, and purifying. Dry and eczema reducing itching & irritation, relieve painful, anti-inflammatory, also help with dead skin cells from the scalp, moisturized to promote hair growth, reduce acne scars.

White Flowers

Wild orange oil benefits: Is a cold pressed from the peel, it’s energizing aroma and multiple health
benefits. Support healthy immune system function, it’s a natural cleaner, in the diffusing will energize and
uplift the body & mind, purify the air, help with anxiety, help with digestion, topically for nervousness &

Bergamot: Italy, common name: Scarlet Beebalm, color is light yellow clear liquid, cold pressed,
fruity and sweet smell, uplifting, lively, inspiring, skin, acne, hair, stress reduction, inflammation,
reduces pain.

Jasmine: as known as Jasminun officinale, Flowering plant from South Asia, well known for its
gorgeous white flower, color pale yellow, swell sweet fragrance, 100% natural, not greasy, hydrating,
locks in moisture, moisturizer, skin, hair, protects scalp, help with dry flaky scalps & reduce dandruff,
acne, relaxing, calming, improves mood, improving sleep, aromatherapy.

Eucalyptus: from Australia, leaves come from myrtle family of trees, help with flu and cold, massage,
bug bites, help to treat acne, ant-inflammatory, skin, hair, help with scalp, strong aromatic,
moisturize, clarifying, revitalizing, invigorating, stress relief, remedy for cold sores, relieves joint &
muscle pain, protects against insects.

Lemon: 100% pure, lemon peel scent, uplifting, refreshing, cheerful, acne, facial cleanser, skin,
reduce anxiety & depression, energized, pain relief, digestion, mood, stress relief, aromatherapy, hair,


Chamomile: The spelling is Camomile, is a daisy like gold and white flowers, aster family
Asteraceae, is an herb and native to Europe, Africa,  Asia, can be grown in North America. There are
two types of chamomiles (Roman; German Chamomile), have described in medical from Egypt,
Greece, Roman. Delightful, intense sweet. Gas, indigestion, upset digestive, help with sleeping,
anxiety, anti-inflammation, depression, skin irritation, pain relief, can use in aromatherapy, tea, and

Sandalwood: Is from wood and roots. There are 6 types of Sandalwood, they’re White, Indian,
Australian, Hawaiian, Fiji, Red, woody & soft aroma, nourish the skin, improve skin cells, soft breezes,
peace, calm, anti-inflammatory, eczema, acne, good for hair, shaving cream, air fresher, can use for
aromatherapy (enhancing your mood, stress)

Cedarwood: A leaves, bark, and berry of cedar trees. Referred as Juniper tree. balsamic, warm,
woodsy, strengthening, empowering, stress relief, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, help with hair
loss(scalp), eczema, acne, anxiety, use for aromatherapy,

Peppermint: Known as Menthol and went back to Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Come from a
leaves of peppermint plant, Taste, smell, cooling sensation. Skin (Dry, itching, scalp), anti-
inflammatory, reduce muscle spasms, boost blood circulation, can use in aromatherapy


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